Contact Lens Appointments

A contact lens appointment is different from a routine eye examination although can be booked at the same time. During a contact lens appointment we assess how the contact lenses fit on the front of your eye, the vision with your lenses and the health of your eyes during and after lens wear.

If you are interested in contact lenses as a form of vision correction we would be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our optometrists who will  discuss your individual needs and recommend the best lenses for you.

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What happens during a contact lens trial

  • Your optometrist will examine the front surface of your eyes to ensure they are healthy and suitable for contact lenses.
  • They will talk with you about when and where you would like to wear contact lenses and discuss suitable options.
  • A trial pair of lenses will then be applied to the front of the eyes by your optometrist.
  • After a little time needed to settle, they will check your vision, how the lens is fitting and discuss the lens comfort.
  • Once a suitable lens has been fitted you will be instructed how to handle the lenses and apply and remove them from your eyes.
  • You will be advised on any required cleaning, recommended wearing times and contact lens best practice.
  • You will be given some trial lenses to begin using for several days before we review you again.
  • At the follow up appointment your eyes, lenses and vision will be reassessed and any difficulties experienced will be discussed and adjustments made if necessary.
  • You will then be able to buy contact lenses or join our monthly payment plan.
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Contact Lens Aftercare

A contact lens aftercare appointment is different to your routine eye exam as we are just assessing your contact lenses and how they may affect your eyes.

We generally like to see our contact lens patients annually to check the health of their eyes in relation to their contact lenses. We also look at the fit and condition of the lenses and ensure that the prescription is still as accurate as possible. These regular checks ensure that potential complications can be managed efficiently and you will also be able to chat about any new contact lens developments that may be an improvement on your current lenses.

We recommend that you wear your contact lenses to an aftercare appointment so that they are settled on the eye but bring your case and your spectacles as you may need to remove your lenses.

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