Patients with keratoconus, corneal ectasias, scarring, complex prescriptions and severe dry eye not only want to be able to wear contact lenses like everyone else but often benefit from much better vision than they achieve in spectacles. These patients generally require specialist contact lenses and such lenses require the benefit of time and experienced practitioners to fit them.

Christopher Nixon is an expert in fitting keratoconic, mini-sclerals and hybrid RGP lenses. He loves nothing more than restoring good vision through contact lenses in more challenging cases.

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Chris and Contact Lenses

From early on in his career Christopher Nixon was fortunate to work alongside Bruce Noble, a leading Corneal Consultant Ophthalmologist. Bruce encouraged Chris to develop his skills in the art of fitting complex contact lenses including many cases where corneal disease, injury or transplant required him to think outside the box and provide a personalised solution for patients.

Chris has continued to develop his skills, fitting complex lens such as the more recent large diameter semi-scleral rigid lenses that are proving a great success in irregular corneas and those patients with dry eye intolerance to conventional lenses. 

In 2015 Chris presented a number of complex cases along with other notable initiatives, which resulted in him becoming a Fellow of the British Contact Lens Association, a position of high esteem in the field of UK contact lens fitting

Chris shares his experience and expertise with his optometric colleagues, developing their skills in complex lens fitting and ensuring that we continue, as a practice, to provide personalised contact lens solutions for our more challenging patients.

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Types of specialist lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGPs): single vision, toric and multifocal; useful for patients wanting very crisp vision or those with more complex prescriptions.

Hybrid RGPs: rigid gas permeable centre with a soft skirt around the edge; useful for those that struggle to tolerate standard RGPs.

Keratoconic Lenses: specific designs for irregular corneas found in keratoconus

Semi-Scleral Lenses: manufactured in RGP materials,  these lenses are larger than standard and excellent for those with corneal scarring or irregularity and those with dry eyes.

Occlusion / Cosmetic Lenses: specialist soft contact lenses that help to improve the appearance of an eye damaged by trauma. 

Ptosis Prop Contact Lenses: RGP lenses to help improve cosmesis and vision in an eye with significant ptosis (drooping upper eyelid).

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