The Hearing Care Partnership is the UK's only 'Optician Only' hearing care company integrating market leading audiology with the very best in independent optometry. There are currently 70 carefully selected independent partner practices in the UK and Christopher Nixon Optometrists are proud to have joined this group - we are both fully committed to putting our patients first.  


Your Hearing Changes

As we age, our hearing can become more difficult - this is often a gradual process and we may be unaware of the impact that this is having on our lives and those around us. We may lose the ability to hear certain sounds whilst others remain totally clear to us. Some of the situations you may be familiar with if your hearing is in decline include:

  • People seem to mumble when they are talking to you
  • Conversations involving multiple people are hard to follow
  • Listening on the phone is increasingly difficult
  • Relatives may mention that your TV is very loud
  • You may be asking people to repeat themselves more frequently
  • Hearing is becoming more difficult when there is background noise


Here at Christopher Nixon Optometrists our audiologist offers 2 levels of hearing assessment and we believe that it is sensible to have your hearing checked regularly after 50 years of age.


Hearing Screening is a 30 minute check using a simple hearing screener. It shows how well you are hearing in 4 sound frequency ranges and the results will indicate whether a more detailed assessment is advisable.


Full Hearing Health Check is also free of charge. We always encourage a family member or friend to come along as a familiar voice is useful during the test. There are 4 stages in this 90 minute consultation:

  • Initial discussion with regard to health, lifestyle and work. You will be asked about hearing difficulties, whether you have previously worn a hearing aid and in what situations you would like better hearing
  • Checking the health of the inner ear for signs of blockage of the ear canal and ear drum that may require a referral to your GP for further investigation
  • Checking the level of your hearing using a computerised Audiometer to establish how well you can hear listening to different tones at varying pitch and volume. Should it be required, a sample hearing aid can be fitted at this point to demonstrate improvements that can be expected
  • A thorough explanation of the test results and the implications. If hearing loss is present, our Audiologist will advise the most appropriate solution


The Hearing Care Partnership

Living with hearing loss 


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