Listen again to our segments from StrayFM’s Health & Wellbeing show where our optometrists and dispensing opticians discuss topical eye care.

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Corneal Graft - a patient view

A longstanding and loyal patient of Christopher Nixon Optometrists, Jonathan Clayton discusses his experience of corneal graft surgey and ongoing care with Ben from Stray Fm

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Local DJ regains 20/20 vision

Local DJ Germayne Woodley chats to Ben about his experience of Keratoconus - an eye condition that causes distortion in his vision; his previous surgical treatments and the recent benefit of a scleral contact  lens that Chris has fitted which has returned Germayne to 20/20 vision

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Rambling and avoiding falls

Chris has recently returned from a walking holiday that highlighted the importance of good vision underfoot. Here he discusses the issues and solutions with Beth from StrayFM

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Hearing Care Clinic

Optometrist Giles Price chats about an exciting new addition to Christopher Nixon's range of services, an audiology clinic brought to you by The Hearing Care Partnership - the UK's only optician only hearing care company.

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What shape frame suits you??

Our dispensing manager John Allinson discusses the best shaped frames and styles to suit your face

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Contact Lens Recycle Scheme

Becky Stevens, one of our dispensing opticians and trainee contact lens optician is discussing our contact lens recycling scheme in association with Terracycle and Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses.  

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Acuvue Oasys with Transitions

Christopher Nixon discusses the very latest technology - Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses with Transitions photochromic properties. We are pleased to be amongst the first independent practices in the country to be offering this amazing innovative product.

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Myth Busting Eye Facts

A little light relief this month. Ben poses the questions to Giles ....eye fact or eye myth?

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Retinopathy of Prematurity

Chris Nixon and Dr Albert Day discuss a charity Gala event at the Royal Hall in Harrogate raising funds to supply a hi-tec camera designed to examine premature babies for a serious sight threatening retinopathy.

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Myopia Control in Children

Recent exciting developments in myopia control have come to Christopher Nixon Optometrists. Giles Price speaks with Ben about a new daily wear contact lens that promises to slow down the development of short sight in children and teenagers

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Colour Vision

Optometrist Giles Price chats with Beth Parsons from Stray Fm about colour vision defects and the impact that they can have on daily life. Beth also chats with a local patient Sam Roser about his colour vision

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A Career in Optometry?

Chris discusses what inspired him to study optometry and chats about the aspects of his work that keep him excited about optometry a few years on...

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Halloween Contact Lenses

If you've ever dressed up for Halloween, the chances are you have considered some novelty contact lenses. Optometrist Claire Thorne discusses the potential risks associated with obtaining and wearing lenses from a non optometric supplier.

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Professor Bernie Chang discusses eyelid surgery

Professor Bernie Chang, one of the regions finest Oculoplastic surgeons has come into the practice to chat with Christopher Nixon about eyelid surgery. A fascinating insight into this sub-specialty of ophthalmology.

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John's story

John Benedict discusses the care and attention that he has received over many years from Chris Nixon following unsuccesful corneal laser surgery in the 1990s and subsequent macular hole surgery

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Visual Stress - what can we do?

Our optometrist Giles Price discusses the symptoms of visual stress with Tom and what the practice offers to help with this troublesome condition

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Future Olympian?

We are delighted to be sponsoring Oliver Kent as he continues to represent GB sailing. Here he discusses his goal to compete in the Olympics with Chris Nixon

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Driving and your vision

Many of us take our vision for granted when we drive but have we ever stopped to think about whether we are seeing as well as we need? Local consultant ophthalmologist Mr Gavin Walters joins Chris Nixon to discuss vision standards and driving.

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Sunglasses - what you need to know

We all know that we should protect our skin from UV but often forget about our eyes. Giles Price discusses the damaging effects of UV and what to look out for when buying sunglasses.

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The Dreaded Air Puff Test

If you're over 35 you may be familiar with the air puff test but why do you need it? Christopher Nixon tells us more about it and helps put us at ease!

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Sports Eyewear - Can You Be a Pro and Wear Glasses?

Christopher Nixon chats to StrayFM about sports and glasses.

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Laser Eye Surgery - To SMILE or not to SMILE

If your eyesight isn't as clear as you would like, laser eye surgery may be the solution for you. Claire Thorne talks about the different options and her personal experience of SMILE laser eye surgery

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Initiated and overseen by The Optician journal, these are the principal national industry awards and seek to recognise and reward the highest levels of achievement in UK optics. Christopher Nixon Optometrists is proud to have been recognised by the Optician Awards:

  • 2019 Finalist        Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year - Chris Nixon
  • 2015 Finalist        Technology Practice of the Year
  • 2012 Winner        Dispensing Optician of the Year – Martin Varley
  • 2010 Winner        Technology Practice of the Year
  • 2010 Finalist        Dispensing Optician of the Year – Martin Varley
  • 2009 Finalist       Technology Practice of the Year 
  • 2008 Finalist       Independent Website of the Year
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Introduced by the Association of Optometrists, the AOP Awards celebrate extraordinary talent and outstanding contributions from across the profession. Christopher Nixon Optometrists is proud to have been recognised in these awards:

  • 2017 Finalist       Dispensing Optician of the Year - Sue Deal
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